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(Fabricius, 1793)

Carapace slightly broader than long, narrowing posteriorly, strongly convex transversely, dorsal surface smooth, margins setose. Orbits and eyes very small. Anterio-lateral margins of carapace with three to four indistinct teeth. Chelipeds equal, slightly compressed. Second to fifth pereiopods compressed and setose. Chelipeds of male more robust than those of female; male genital openings coxal.

Carapace length up to 20 (22) mm.

Depth range from low water to about 45 metres. Burrowing into sandy bottoms. Larvae June-October.

Carapace pale pink with red or brown markings.

Moray Firth, Plymouth, Channel Isles, Scilly Isles, Cardigan Bay, Anglesey, Liverpool Bay, Isles of Man, Galway Bay.

Thia scutellata