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Chen, 1987

Carapace slightly longer than broad, dorsal surface convex, regions of the median line more convex. Hepatic and branchial regions relatively more distinct. Regions separated by broad smooth grooves, convex portions covered with dense and fine granules. Front broad and short, its anterior border truncate (emarginate). Epistome produced, visible from dorsal view, median line depressed, its surface having short tomenta, lateral border with coarse and large granules. Posterior border straight, lateral border angular bluntly rounded.
Distal 1/2 of third maxilliped with short tomenta and coarse granules, surface of ischium with ganules near the inner border. Merus and ischium of female with longitudinal arranged short hair.
Male cheliped stout and short about 1.4 times as long as carapace. Female cheliped 1.2-1.36 times as long as carapace. Merus cylindrical, basal part narrower than distal part, its surface with granules. Carpus small, distal part broader than basal part, with two rows of fine granules, one row at inner border and another one on the inner margin of the dorsal surface. Fingers depressed and thin, longer than palm, with denticles.
Ambulatory legs compressed, slightly smooth. Borders of merus armed with fine granules which are more distinct at the posterior border. Anterior borders of carpus and propodus thin and ridgy, dactylus acute and lanceolate.
Abdomen of both sexes consists of four segments (third to sixth fused). First segment of male broad and short, second small, ventral surface of R-segment slightly depressed, especially so in the middle of basal part. Both lateral sides convex, with flatly rounded granules, the rest smooth, there is an acute denticle close for suture of segment. Telson narrowly triangular. Female abdomen elongate ovate, anterior two segments broad and short, the median part convex and with dense coarse granules. Basal part and borders of R-segment with coarse granules. Telson tongue-shaped. First male pleopod club-shaped, the distal end with a hooked tubercle and with short hairs. (Chen, 1987)

Type locality: East China Sea, 32°30'N, 125°00'E, 46 m.
Range: East China Sea (Chen H., 1987); 33-46 m.

Philyra acutidens