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(Herbst, 1785)

Length of carapace about two thirds its width, its surface generally smooth, clypeiform expansions of carapace with broad teeth, typically developed, ambulatory legs are largely concealed in flexion below this structure; posterior border beaded, with low lobes, not remarkably produced; front composed of two rounded teeth separated medially by a V-shaped sinus and provided externally with small accessory tubercles at their bases. The longitudinal septum of the prolongated portion of the endostome can be seen extending between the lamellar processes of the first pair of maxillipeds.
Colouration: Upper orbital margins do not have a chocolate red loop, outer faces of cheliped palm and carpus without ocellated spots. (Türkay 1995)

Type locality: East Indies.
Range: Tanzania - Dar es Salaam; Mozambique (Galil, 1997a); South Africa - off Natal coast (Barnard, 1947, 1950), Natal coast, Durban and Capetown (Galil, 1997a); Seychelles - Desnoeufs Island, Poivre Atoll, Aride Island, and Mahé (Galil, 1997a); Madagascar - Nosy Bé, Nosy Komba, Pracel Bank, Tuléar, and Fort-Dauphin (Galil, 1997a); Réunion (Galil, 1997a); Gulf of Oman (Stephensen, 1945, Tirmizi & Kazmi, 1991, Galil, 1997a); Persian Gulf (Alcock, 1896); Pakistan - Karachi and Makran Coast (Tirmizi & Kazmi, 1991), Karachi (Galil, 1997a); India - from Ganges Delta to Pondicherry (Alcock, 1896), Bombay, Ratnagiri, and Karwar (Chhapgar, 1957), Madras (Tirmizi & Kazmi, 1991), Madras and Pondicherry (Galil, 1997a); Sri Lanka - (Alcock, 1896), Gulf of Manaar and Trincomalee (Galil, 1997a); Andaman Islands (Alcock, 1896); Japan - (de Haan, 1837), Shimoda (Sakai, 1935), Tateyama By, Shimoda, Sagami Bay, Nanki Shirahama, Gobo and Nagasaki (Sakai, 1937a), Amakusa, Tsuyazaki and Tottori (Miyake et al., 1962), Sagami Bay (Sakai, 1965b), from Tokyo Bay to Nagasaki (Sakai, 1976a), Tosa Bay (Miyake, 1983), Oshima Passage, Amami-Oshima (Takeda, 1989), Nakagusuku Bay, Okinawa-jima (Takeda & Shikatani, 1990), Nagasaki, Sada-misaki, Kochi, and Saga (Galil, 1997a); Korea - Pusan and Cheju-do (Kamita, 1941b, Kim, 1973); Taiwan - Su-ao and Tingch'ieting (Lin, 1949), Tong-kang (Takeda & Shikatani, 1990), Taichi (Galil, 1997a); China - Hainan Island (Shen, 1936, Dai & Yang, 1991), Shantou and Hainan (Shen, 1940b); South China Sea - Nansha Islands (Chen & Xu, 1991); Thailand; Philippines - south of Manila Bay and near Lubang Island (Serène & Vadon, 1981); Indonesia - Makassar (Miers, 1880b), Ambon (de Man, 1888d), Kepulauan Kai (Ihle, 1918), Celebes (Tirmizi & Kazmi, 1991), Sumatra, Java, Timor, Makassar, and Moluccas (Galil, 1997a); Australia - Port Jackson (Miers, 1886), Bowen and Sandon Bluffs (Rathbun, 1923a), Montague Island, N.S.W. (Griffin, 1972), Mission Beach (Galil, 1997a), from Fremantle and Geraldton, Bowen, Sandon Bluffs; Chesterfield Islands (Galil, 1997a); New Caledonia (Galil, 1997a); 5-140 m.

Calappa lophos