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(Herbst, 1803)

Length of carapace not pronouncedly shorter than its extreme width, its surface tuberculated, antero-lateral borders without a wart-like tubercle immediately behind exorbital tooth, hepatic regions strongly depressed, clypeiform expansions of carapace with broad teeth, typically developed, ambulatory legs are largely concealed in flexion below this structure; front obtusely truncate, no distal emargination. The longitudinal septum of the prolongated portion of the endostome can be seen extending between the lamellar processes of the first pair of maxillipeds. (Türkay 1995)

Type locality: East Indies.
Range: Red Sea (Klunzinger, 1906, Galil, 1997a); Gulf of Aden - Djibouti (Galil, 1997a); Seychelles - Aldabra Island (Lenz, 1905), S.W. La Digue (Galil, 1997a); Mozambique Channel - Europa Island (Galil, 1997a); Madagascar - Nosy Bé, Tuléar and Glorieuses Island (Galil, 1997a); Mauritius (Michel, 1964, Galil, 1997a); South Africa - off Natal coast (Barnard, 1947), Port Shepstone and Tongaati River mouth (Barnard, 1950), Port Shepstone (Galil, 1997a); Persian Gulf (Alcock, 1896); Pakistan - Karachi (Tirmizi & Kazmi, 1991); India; Sri Lanka (Alcock, 1896); Maldives - Nallandu (Rathbun, 1902b); Chagos Archipelago - Salomon (Rathbun, 1911); Andaman Islands (Alcock, 1896); Mergui Archipelago (Alcock, 1896); Japan - Shimoda, Nanki Shirahama, Gobo and Kagoshima (Sakai, 1937a), Amakusa (Miyake et al., 1962), Sagami Bay (Sakai, 1965b), from Sagami Bay to Kagoshima, Okinawa (Sakai, 1976a), Mage-jima, Kagoshima Prefecture (Takeda, 1977b), Kushimoto (Miyake, 1983), Okinawa-jima (Takeda & Shikatani, 1990), Muroto-misaki (Galil, 1997a); Taiwan - Heng-ch'un (Lin, 1949); South China Sea - Paracel Island (Chen, 1975), Paracel Islands and Hainan Island (Dai & Yang, 1991), Nansha Islands (Chen & Xu, 1991); Philippines (Dana, 1852); Indonesia - Ambon (de Man, 1888d), Savu, Salibabu Island, Sulabesi, and Banda (Ihle, 1918), Ambon, Timor and Manokwari, Irian Jaya (Galil, 1997a); New Caledonia (Galil, 1997a); Samoa - Upolu (Ortmann, 1892); Tonga - Nukualofa (Galil, 1997a); Hawaiian Islands - (Galil, 1997a), Sandwich Island (Dana, 1852), Hilo, Kauai, Hawaii, Molokai, and Modu Manu (Rathbun, 1906); intertidal to 160 m.

Calappa gallus