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(Manning & Holthuis, 1986)

Carapace convex, moderately sculptured, slightly broader than long; branchial and branchio-cardiac grooves very distinct, cervical groove distinct but less deep; exorbital tooth well developed, slender, clearly shorter than front. Chelipeds equal in size and shape; dorsal and ventral margins of chelae with lines of setae. Second and third legs very slender and long, each of them reaching beyond front by about half length of merus; merus of third pereiopod 6.6-7.3 times as long as high. (Türkay 1995)

Type locality: Inland Sea of Japan, near Kobe, Seto-naikai, 34°38'N, 135°01'E, 15-92 m.
Range: Japan - Seto-naikai (Manning & Holthuis, 1986, Holthuis & Manning, 1990); Taiwan - Tachi, I-lan County (Ng & Huang, 1997); 15-92 m.

Heikea arachnoides