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(Rathbun, 1911)

Carapace broadly rounded in outline; surface convex, areolate, granulate, and spinous, with about twelve spines. Carapace tomentum consisting of very dense long setae, arranged in clumps, and of short stiff setae, masking the surface. Frontal margin continuous, V-shaped. Suborbital margin armed with about five short, acute spines. Antero-lateral margin with four distinct equidistant teeth, each ending in a well developed, curved acute spine and each associated with a tuft of long setae; presence of a small postero-lateral tooth. Subhepatic area very convex, smooth. Chelipeds stout; outer surface of carpus with six acute granules and two acute distal spines; outer face of palm with about a dozen prominent granules becoming spiniform on the superior face. Superior border of merus of P2-P4 lined by a row of three small spines and with two distal spines, inferior border with three large spines; dorsal surface of carpus with three longitudinal rows of five acute spines. P5 greatly reduced, unarmed, subchelate. (Guinot 1998)

Type locality: Coëtivy Islands, Seychelles, 7°08.00'S, 56°16.00'E.
Range: Coëtivy Islands (Rathbun, 1911); Madagascar - Tuléar and Glorieuses Islands (McLay, 1999); Chagos Archipelago; Cocos-Keeling Islands (McLay, 1999); Japan - Kuroshima, Yaeyama-retto (McLay, 1999); China - Paracel Island (Chen H., 1980b, Dai & Yang, 1991); Vietnam (McLay, 1999); Palau (Takeda, 1973d); Indonesia - Ambon, Seram, Ternate, and Atapupu, Timor (McLay, 1999); Australia - Exmouth Gulf, Flinders Reef, Middleton Reef, and Elizabeth Reef (McLay, 1999); Mariana Islands - Asuncion Id and Guam (McLay, 1999); Marshall Islands - Enewetak; Line Islands - Palmyra (McLay, 1999); Marquesas Islands; Tuamotu Archipelago - Raroia (McLay, 1999); intertidal to 15 m.

Hirsutodynomene spinosa