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(Henderson, 1888)

Carapace subglobose, about as wide as long; antero-lateral borders of carapace without teeth. Rostrum tridentate, median rostral tooth of considerable length, acuminate, lateral rostral and supraorbital teeth blunt. Palm of cheliped with two rounded tubercles at its outer face, near the base of movable finger, upper border produced into a lobe-like process which is directed inwards. Second to fifth pereiopods with club-shaped hairs, fourth and fifth pairs of pereiopods with one propodal spine opposing dactylus. (Türkay 1995)

Type locality: Twofold Bay, Australia.
Range: Japan - Suruga Bay (Yokoya, 1933); Australia - Twofold Bay (Henderson, 1888).

Austrodromidia incisa