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Shen, 1932

Carapace broader than long, subcircular quadrate. Surface convex and punctate. Regions ill defined. Postfrontal crests slightly indicated. Gastric and cardiac regions defined by a fine transverse groove. Margin of carapace well defined by a granulated ridge, except the posterior margin which is smoothly ridged. Front about one-third the breadth of the carapace. Its anterior margin truncate when viewed dorsally but broadly triangular when viewed anteriorly, its surface with a median groove, short and shallow. Orbit deep. Eyestalks short. Outerorbital angle bluntly triangular. Ventral orbital crest divided into 3 portions in the male, 5 portions in the female, the inner portion finely granulated, the outer 2 portions short. Merus and ischium of the third maxillipeds all broader than long.
Chelipeds symmetrical, longer than the carapace. Merus trigonous, its inner-ventral margin with a musical crest on its distal portion. Palm finely granulated, its inner and outer surface convex, each upper surface with a transverse ridge, the lower part of the outer surface with a granular ridge extending to the distal end of the immovable finger. Fingers shorter than the palm, each inner border with 6 blunt teeth, without hairs at the base. Each segment of the ambulatory legs with fine granules on the dorsal and ventral margins. Dactylus styliform.
First pleopod of the male with a small distal chitinous process, slightly curved ventrally outwards. Abdomen triangular. Abdomen of the female rounded; telson broadly triangular. (Dai & Yang, 1991)

Type locality: Shawu, about 6 miles east of Yantai, Shandong Peninsula, China.
Range: Madagascar - Nosy Bé (Crosnier, 1965); Pakistan - Bulleji (Ghani & Tirmizi, 1991); Japan - coast of Hiroshima Prefecture and Toyama Bay (Sakai, 1965b, 1976), Soya Strait (Takeda & Miyauchi, 1992); Korea - Deogjeog Island (Kim, 1973); China - Shandong Peninsula (Shen, 1932, Dai & Yang, 1991).

Acmaeopleura balssi