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(Wood-Mason, 1891)

Carapace quadrilateral in outline. Surface feebly areolated, finely granular and with short hairs in pits. No exorbital tooth; three antero-lateral teeth, the first rectangular and far from the exorbital angle, the two others spiniform and sharp. Front a little produced, weakly sinuous. Supraorbital margin denticulated. Chelipeds unequal, even in females; palm finely granular and pubescent; fingers very long and with a light colouration on the whole length or only a part of their length; carpus with a serrulated tooth at the inner angle. Ambulatory legs long, more than twice the length of carapace, setose on last articles; merus unarmed. (Guinot 1998)

Type locality: between North and South Sentinel Islands, Andaman Islands, "Investigator", stn 56, 416-432 m.
Range: India - off Travancore (Alcock, 1900b), Laccadive Sea (Guinot, 1989a); Andaman Islands (Wood-Mason, 1891, Alcock, 1899, 1900, Alcock & Anderson, 1895); ? Great Nicobar Island (Doflein, 1904); ? Japan - Tosa Bay (Sakai, 1976a); East China Sea (Chen, 1984); 416-774 m.

Carcinoplax longipes