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Stimpson, 1858

Carapace region 2M divided into 2 longitudinally; 3M entire; 1L-5L lacking cornute conical tubercles; 2P with two parallel transverse rows of adjoining pearliform granules, anterior row medially disjunct; cheliped carpus with a single furrow anteriorly. (Davie 1996)

Type locality: Hong Kong.
Range: Taiwan; Hong Kong (Stimpson, 1858a, 1907, Clark & Galil, 1993); Singapore (Clark & Galil, 1993); Philippines - Davao Gulf (Ward, 1941, Clark & Galil, 1993), Palawan (Clark & Galil, 1993); Palau (Miyake & Tekeda, 1968, Clark & Galil, 1993); Indonesia - Pulau Soegi and Pulau Sakit (Clark & Galil, 1993), Jakarta (Serène, 1971); Arafura Sea (Clark & Galil, 1993); Australia - Lizard Island, Queensland, and Port Darwin, Northern Territory (Clark & Galil, 1993).

Pilodius granulatus