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(Herbst, 1785)

The antero-lateral margins of the carapace have, behind the exorbital angles, three to seven large, crochet-shaped teeth, separated by intercalated much smaller teeth. The front is divided into two lobes separated from the supraorbital angles by a narrow, deep sinus. The chelipeds have the carpus armed with a single spine on its internal margin; the propodus has the superior margin smooth. (Serène, 1984)

Type locality: unknown.
Range: Red Sea; South Africa; Madagascar - Nosy Bé (Lenz & Richters, 1881, Serène, 1984); Mauritius (Bouvier, 1915b, Michel, 1964); Coëtivy Island (Rathbun, 1911); India; Andaman Islands (Alcock, 1898); Japan - Kagoshima Bay (Sakai, 1939), Hachijo-jima, Kagoshima, Yoron-jima, and Ishigaki-jima (Sakai, 1976a), Ginowan, Okinawa (Shokita et al., 2000); Taiwan; China - Paracel Island (Chen & Lan, 1978), Hainan Island and Paracel Island (Dai & Yang, 1991); Balabac Strait (Dana, 1852); Torres Strait; New Caledonia; Fiji (Dana, 1852); Samoa; Tahiti; Hawaiian Islands - Oahu (Rathbun, 1906); shallow waters.

Etisus dentatus