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(Krauss, 1843)

Species of a medium size, all lobules of carapace clearly separated by deep smooth grooves; 2M is completely divided into two lobules, the outer one of which is convex and broader; 1P is also well convex. All these lobules are covered with rather short setae. The antero-lateral borders are composed of four well convex lobules exclusive of the external orbital angle; the postero-lateral borders are relatively shorter. Wrist is very swollen and larger than the palm and its upper surface is divided into about six lobules; the superior border of palm is very short and indistinctly divided into three or four lobules. Carpus of ambulatory legs has a longitudinal groove but the propodus is not at all areolated. (T. Sakai, 1939: 491)

Type locality: Natal, South Africa.
Range: Kenya - Shimoni (Serène, 1984); Zanzibar (Lenz, 1905); Mozambique - Delagoa Bay (Barnard, 1950); South Africa - Natal (Krauss, 1843, Guinot, 1976, Serène, 1984), Durban, Port St. Johns (Barnard, 1950); Madagascar - north-west coast (Serène, 1984); Seychelles - Amirante and Coëtivy Islands (Rathbun, 1911), Aldabra Island (Guinot, 1964b); Cargados Carajos Islands (Rathbun, 1911); Mauritius (Bouvier, 1915b, Odhner, 1925, Michel, 1964); Persian Gulf (Alcock, 1898); Sri Lanka (Alcock, 1898, Odhner, 1925); Andaman Islands (Alcock, 1898); Mergui Archipelago (Alcock, 1898); Malacca Strait (Alcock, 1898); Japan - Kobe, Enoshima and Ogasawara-shoto (Odhner, 1925), Inubo-zaki (Yokoya, 1933), Nagasaki (Sakai, 1939), Sagami Bay (Sakai, 1965b), Sagami Bay, Kii Peninsula, Kobe, Nagasaki, Yoron-jima, and Ogasawara-shoto (Sakai, 1976a), Mage-jima, Kagoshima Prefecture (Takeda, 1977b), Oshima Passage, Amami-Oshima (Takeda, 1989), Hayama, Kii Minabe and Tosa Bay (Muraoka, 1998); China - Hong Kong (Odhner, 1925), Guangdong (Dai & Yang, 1991); Singapore; Macclesfield Bank (Odhner, 1925); Philippines - Kaladis Point, Zamboanga, and Taba Bay, Mindanao (Odhner, 1925), Gulf of Davao, north of Cebu, and Balayan Bay (Garth & Kim, 1983); Sulu Archipelago - Jolo (Odhner, 1925, Garth & Kim, 1983); Indonesia - Bengkalis, Noordwachter Island, Sunda Strait, Ujung Padang, Kupang, Ternate, Batjan, Ambon, Banda, and Kepulauan Kai (Odhner, 1925), west Celebes; Papua New Guinea - Talasea and Ralum, New Britain (Odhner, 1925), Great Harbour, New Ireland (Odhner, 1925); Australia - Cape Jaubert (Rathbun, 1924c), Holothuria Bank, Torres Strait, Cape York, and Port Denison (Odhner, 1925), Moreton Bay (Campbell & Stephenson, 1970); Solomon Islands - Florida Island (Odhner, 1925); Caroline Islands - Ponape (Odhner, 1925); Marshall Islands - Ebon, Jaluit, and Majeru (Odhner, 1925); Kiribati (Gilbert Islands) - Aranuka and Apamama (Odhner, 1925); (Line Islands) - Palmyra (Edmondson, 1923); Fiji (Odhner, 1925); Samoa (Odhner, 1925); Tahiti (Odhner, 1925); Kermadec Islands - Meyer Island and Sunday Island (Chilton, 1911); 15-120 m.

Gaillardiellus rueppelli