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(Odhner, 1925)

2M incompletely divided into two parts longitudinally; 3M entire; lobules of regions extend onto granular posterior part of carapace; longitudinal furrow of 2M extending backwards for more than half region; furrows separating 5L and 6L from 2R and 3R are well marked. Frontal margin and antero-lateral margins of carapace are furnished with regular and less acute tubercles. (Davie 1997)

Type locality: Ile de la Sonde.
Range: Taiwan - Nanfangau, I-Lan County (Ng & Huang, 1997); Ile de la Sonde (H. Milne Edwards, 1834, Guinot, 1976); Vietnam - Nha Trang (Serène & Lang, 1959); Singapore - Horsburgh Lighthouse (Balss, 1938b); Malaysia - (Lanchester, 1902, Guinot, 1976), Poulo Babi Nyong (Guinot, 1976); Australia - Holbourne Island and Low Island (Haswell, 1882c), Holbourne Island (Odhner, 1925).

Forestia scabra