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(Dana, 1852)

The carapace is broader than long and the front slightly projected in the middle. The antero-lateral border is crested with a plate-like margin, which is marked with three closed fissures. Chelipeds and ambulatory legs are, like the antero-lateral border elegantly separated in areolae and covered with granules. (Sakai, 1983)

Type locality: Sulu Archipelago.
Range: Japan - Kumano-nada (Sakai, 1983); Sulu Archipelago (Dana, 1852); Malaysia - near Kota Baharu (Guinot, 1976); Indonesia - Ternate (de Man, 1902a), Moluccas, Sulawesi, Sumba, Sumbawa and Timor (Buitendijk, 1960).

Serenius gemmula