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Sakai, 1961

Carapace about 1.65 times as broad as long, surface uneven, regions well defined, a rather deep groove extends from the median region to the base of the second antero-lateral tooth; front T-shaped, very narrow between eyestalks, its anterior extremity broad and thick, upper surface longitudinally sulcate; second antero-lateral tooth much smaller than first. First segment of eyestalk markedly flattened with a pterygoid expansion on its anterior distal end; corneal segment with 2 such expansions on either side, the anterior curved outward, the posterior inward. Chelipeds asymmetrical, right slightly heavier than left; merus with 2 spines on anterior and posterior borders, respectively; carpus with exterior spinule; palm with 7-8 sharp denticles on upper border. (Türkay 1995)

Eyestalks bearing wing-like expansions. (Davie 1999)

Type locality: Kii Minabe, Japan.
Range: Japan - Kii Minabe (Sakai, 1961, 1976); 15-30 m.

Podophthalmus minabensis