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Sakai, 1974

Carapace narrow (breadth about 1 1/3 times length); surface with close-packed granular areas with a fine pubescence among the granules; regions well recognizable on denuded specimens; front with 4 sharp teeth, lateral ones more protruding than medians; antero-lateral borders with 9 subequal teeth, last one not protruding more than preceeding; postero-lateral junction rounded. Antero-external angle of merus of third maxillipeds markedly produced into a lobe. Chelipeds elongate; merus with 1 spine at posterior border, anterior border with 3 acuminate teeth; carpus with 2 spines, inner one very long; upper surface of palm with 2 subdistal spines, lower surface smooth. Posterior border of swimming leg with the usual fringing hairs, no spines on propodus and dactylus. (Türkay 1995)

Type locality: Yoron-to, Amami-shoto, Japan.
Range: Japan - Yoron-to (Sakai, 1974).

Portunus yoronensis