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(Yokoya, 1936)

This species is very closely related to Palapedia nitida, but according to Yokoya, the front is divided into four subequal lobes by very narrow fissures, not by broadish sinuses as in nitida. The antero-lateral borders are minutely and uniformly dentate but not spinose as in nidita; there is a single indentation near the anterior one-third but none behind it. The fingers of chelipeds are, according to his figure, acuminate and not at all hollowed. I have no specimen of this species but I think that the further investigation of many specimens may probably prove the identity of this species with nitida. (Sakai, 1939)

Type locality: Misaki, Sagami Bay, Japan.
Range: Japan - Misaki (Yokoya, 1936).

Palapedia quadriceps