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de Man, 1887

Upper orbital hiatus U-shaped or keyhole-shaped; lower orbital hiatus broad U-shaped; lateral margin of basal antennal article with antero-lateral lobe narrow (or lacking); anterior half of branchial region with at least one dorsal tubercle; urogastric region smooth; mesogastric and protogastric regions with low tubercles or no more than four prominent tubercles; branchial submargin with a tubercle above cheliped base and two to five submarginal tubercles behind it. (Davie 1996)

Type locality: Mergui Archipelago.
Range: East Africa; Red Sea; Persian Gulf (Stephensen, 1945): Strait of Hormuz (Stephensen, 1945); India - Ganjam (Alcock, 1895a), Pamban (Griffin & Tranter, 1986a); Sri Lanka - (Alcock, 1895a), Trincomalee (Griffin & Tranter, 1986a); Andaman Sea (Griffin, 1974); Nicobar Islands (Alcock, 1895a); Mergui Archipelago (de Man, 1887b, Alcock, 1895a, Chopra & Das, 1937); Strait of Malacca (Alcock, 1895a, Griffin & Tranter, 1986a); Taiwan Strait (Griffin & Tranter, 1986a); Gulf of Thailand - between Koh Mesan and Cap Liant, Koh Chang and Koh Kram (Griffin & Tranter, 1986a); Singapore (Griffin & Tranter, 1986a); Philippines - Manila Bay and Davao Gulf (Griffin, 1976); Sulu Archipelago - Jolo and Siasi (Griffin, 1976), Jolo (Griffin & Tranter, 1986a); Sulu Sea - off Sandakan (Griffin & Tranter, 1986a); Indonesia - Teluk Kau, Halmahera (Griffin, 1974), Sumatra, Selat Sunda, Java Sea, Makassar, Kuandang, Belitung Island, Borneo, Kepulauan Aru and Kepulauan Kai (Griffin & Tranter, 1986a); Australia; Hawaiian Islands - Laysan (Rathbun, 1906), off Oahu (Griffin & Tranter, 1986a); 5-108 m.

Hyastenus hilgendorfi