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Miers, 1884

Upper orbital hiatus U-shaped or keyhole-shaped; lower orbital hiatus broad U-shaped; basal antennal article with a deep notch on the margin behind the antero-lateral spine; anterior half of branchial region with at least one dorsal tubercle; urogastric region smooth; protogastric tubercle behind orbit generally low; intestinal region smooth or with a low tubercle; branchial region with a low epibranchial tubercle without a tubercle medial to it; branchial submargin with a tubercle above cheliped base but no other tubercles; postorbital lobe, short, broad. (Davie 1996)

Type locality: Port Molle, Queensland, Australia.
Range: Gulf of Aqaba (Griffin & Tranter, 1974); Somalia - off Cape Guardafui (Griffin, 1974); South Africa - Durban (Griffin, 1974); India - Pamban (Griffin & Tranter, 1986a); north-east of Bay of Bengal (Griffin, 1974); Andaman Sea (Griffin, 1974); Japan - off Goto-retto (Griffin & Tranter, 1986a), Oshima Passage, Amami-Oshima (Takeda, 1989); China - Fuzhou (Griffin & Tranter, 1986a); Taiwan Strait (Griffin & Tranter, 1986a); Philippines - Davao Gulf (Griffin, 1976), Sacol, Mindanao (Griffin & Tranter, 1986a); Sulu Archipelago - Jolo, Siasi and Tawitawi Group (Griffin, 1976), off Jolo (Griffin & Tranter, 1986a); Indonesia - Borneo Bank, Butung Strait, Kuandang Bay, Selat Sape, Roti Island, Haruku Island, Ambon Bay, Seram, Kepulauan Aru and Kepulauan Kai (Griffin & Tranter, 1986a); Australia - Port Molle, Queensland (Miers, 1884a), Double Island Point, Queensland (Rathbun, 1918b), Cape Jaubert (Rathbun, 1924c), Moreton Bay (Campbell & Stephenson, 1970), Clarence Strait, N.T. (Griffin & Tranter, 1986a); 3-720 m.

Hyastenus convexus