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(Miers, 1877)

Surface of carapace granulate, coarser granules near lateral spines and around nearly obsolete dorsal tubercles. Front with slightly arcuate lobes laterally and an emarginate rostrum medially. Exognath and ischium of third maxilliped tuberculate.
Antero-lateral margins of carapace nearly evenly crenulate with two somewhat larger triangular tubercles at mid margin and prior to lateral spine. Lateral spine 0.3 carapace width. Postero-lateral margin oblique, with granulate carina extending to base of lateral spine, bearing no mid postero-lateral tubercle.
External surface of palm densely granulate. Upper external surface with two rows of granulate tubercles, second in lower row largest. Mid palm, in both male and female, a five-toothed ridge parallel to lower margin. Second tooth most prominent, acuminate; fourth tooth triangular, larger than third and fifth. At lower proximal angle of palm a prominent, granulate tubercle. Parallel with lower margin two rows of small granules. Lower margin with row of sharply triangular tubercles terminating at base of dactylus, distalmost largest. Dactylus in male with distally milled ridge on outer surface, obsolete in female.
Plastron coarsely granular. First male pleopod curved distally.
Colour (in alcohol): Small, rounded reddish spots anteriorly on carapace, growing larger and coalescing to form broken rings posteriorly. Lateral spines red-margined. Legs coarsely spotted. (Galil & Clark, 1995)

Type locality: Panagatan Shoal, Philippines; China Seas.
Range: Sumatra - Aceh (de Man, 1896b); China Sea (Miers, 1877b, Galil & Clark, 1995); Eastern Seas (Galil & Clark, 1995); Taiwan - Tachi, I-lan county, and Kaohsiung port (Ng & Huang, 1997); Philippines - Panagatan Shoal (Miers, 1877b, Galil & Clark, 1995); Indonesia - west Celebes (de Man, 1896b); Fiji (Galil & Clark, 1995).

Ashtoret maculata