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White, 1847

Carapace surface ornamented with short, hairy ridges, which do not result in a squamiform general appearance; median ridge strongly developed; V-shaped median incision of front smooth, no granula or teeth. Eyestalks long and slender. Lower border of cheliped palm with a series of short oblique rows of hairy ridges, looking like those on outer surface. Fifth pereiopod with carpus distinctly crested along posterior border, and covered with many granules fringed with one or two hairs. Anterior process of thoracic sternum subquadrate. (Türkay 1995)

Type locality: Borneo.
Range: Red Sea (Balss, 1915); Persian Gulf (Alcock, 1896); Dar es Salaam (Doflein, 1904); South Africa - Natal (Stebbing, 1920b); east coast of India; Japan - Sagami Bay, Suruga Bay, Omae-zaki, Owase, Kii Strait, Bungo Strait, east of Kagoshima, Goto-retto, Tsushima, north of Nagato, and off Shimane (Yokoya, 1933), Sagami Bay (Sakai, 1937a, 1965b), Tsushima Strait (Takeda, 1973c), Sagami Bay, Mikawa Bay, and Tosa Bay (Sakai, 1976a), Suruga Bay (Takeda, 1997); East China Sea (Takeda & Miyake, 1970a); Taiwan (Stimpson, 1907, Lin, 1949); South China Sea - Nansha Islands (Chen H. & Xu, 1991); Philippines - north of Lubang Island (Serène & Vadon, 1981, Goeke, 1986); Indonesia - Madura Bay (Ihle, 1918), Makassar Strait (Goeke, 1986), Ambon (Henderson, 1888); Australia - Dampier Island and off Onslow, Western Australia (Tyndale-Biscoe & George, 1962).

Cosmonotus grayii