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Tavares, 1993

Carapace regularly granulate including frontal and mesogastric regions, its greatest breadth situated at the lateral angles, frontal region distinctly depressed medially. Chelipeds stout, provided with hairs and strong teeth at the external faces of propodus and dactylus.
Remark: This is probably the Japanese species described as X. eucheir by T. Sakai 1976. (Türkay 1995)

Type locality: Kii Minabe, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan.
Range: Japan - Kii Channel and Mikawa Bay (Sakai, 1971, 1976a), Kii Minabe (Tavares, 1993), Osi-saki (Tavares, 1993), Suruga Bay (Takeda, 1997), Shiono-misaki, off Tanabe and Kakeroma-jima, Amami-shoto (Tavares, 2000); Philippines - west of Lubang (Serène & Vadon, 1981, Tavares, 1993); 170-310 m.

Xeinostoma sakaii