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(Alcock, 1900)

Carapace smooth, significantly wider than long, antero-lateral borders armed with three unequal, acute teeth. Rostrum tridentate, the three teeth similarly long and acute. Cheliped palm with two distal tubercles at base of dactyl; fingers downcurved, gaping, hollowed out internally. Distal borders of carpi and propodi of second and third pereiopods lobe-like; dactyli of last two pairs of legs opposed by a single propodal spine and another spine on outer propodal margin. (Türkay 1995)

Type locality: Cinqui Island, Andaman Sea, 882 m.
Range: Red Sea; East Africa; Madagascar; Maldives - Nilandu Atoll; Sri Lanka (Alcock, 1900a, 1901); Andaman Sea - (Alcock, 1900a), Cinque Island (Alcock, 1901); Japan - Gobo and Amakusa (Sakai, 1936c), Amakusa (Miyake et al., 1962), Kii Nagashima, Kaino, Kii Minabe, Nada, Sakaihama, and Amakusa-shoto (Sakai, 1976a); Macclesfield Bank (McLay, 1998); Philippines; Indonesia - Sailus Ketjil and Damar (Ihle, 1913); Holothuria Bank (McLay, 1998); Chesterfield Islands (McLay, 1993); 0-97 m.

Cryptodromiopsis bullifera