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Latreille, 1802

Carapace pentagonal to quadrate. Antero-lateral strongly convex, very long, forming a crest usually divided in lobes or teeth. Postero-lateral margins very short. Front narrow, with several teeth, one of which is median. Orbits small. Antennules fold longitudinally. Basal antennal article longer than broad; flagellum present, short, more or less hairy. Epistome narrow. Buccal frame square cut. Third maxillipeds not overlapping endostome. Chelipeds flattened, subequal. Ambulatory legs laterally compressed; dactyls styliform. Female openings sternal. Male openings coxal. (Guinot 1998)

Genera treated:
genus Cancer Linnaeus, 1758
genus Platepistoma Rathbun, 1906

Family Cancridae