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Harminto & Ng, 1991

Carapace subquadrangular, rather broader than long, regions clearly demarcated, mostly covered with numerous small stiff, short hairs and scattered long hairs. Outer edge of supraorbital margin smooth in males, gently granulated in females. Antero-lateral border usually entire, not divided into lobes, rarely with a very low epibranchial lobe, margin with row of small granules. Postero-lateral margin smooth or with very small granules in males, covered with numerous large and small granules in females. Outer surface of third maxilliped with short hairs.
Male chelae swollen, equal to subequal, outer surface smooth, with scattered granules in smaller specimens, without bristles of hairs, dactylus with a molariform tooth near proximal end, with row of granules adjacent to cutting edge of pollex; inner distal margin of carpus gently crenulated, edges rounded, with two or three small submarginal granules. Female chelae equal, not swollen, outer surface with three rows of sharp granules and tubercles, with numerous stiff bristles and hairs, especially around granules, dorsal margin of dactylus entire, not granulated or distinctly serrated, cutting edges of fingers without distinct teeth, inner surface of distal part broadly concave.
Ambulatory legs short, stout, with short bristles and woolly hairs; ischio-basis smooth or with several very small, rounded granules on ventral surfaces; lower surface of merus with short, stout spines, granules and tubercles arranged in a U-shaped structure, dorsal margin entire or gently uneven but never serrated, outer surfaces almost smooth in males, with scattered small granules in females.
G1 tip rounded, with several long stiff subapical spines on one edge and a single long subapical process on the other, the tip of which is dilated, appearing slightly flared and dichotomous. (Harminto & Ng, 1991)

Type locality: in rotten log, floor of mangroves, Mandai, Singapore.
Range: Andaman Sea (Naiyanetr, 1980); Thailand - Phuket (Lundoer, 1974, Frith et al., 1976, Harminto & Ng, 1991); Peninsular Malaysia (Tweedie, 1937, Harminto & Ng, 1991); Singapore (Tweedie, 1937, Harminto & Ng, 1991); Taiwan - Tan-shui (Sakai, 1939, 1976); Australia - Brisbane River (Barnes, 1967, Harminto & Ng, 1991), Murray River and Darwin (Harminto & Ng, 1991).

Baruna mangromurphia