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de Man, 1895

Carapace 1.4 times as broad as long, surface depressed. Postfrontal region with a pair of crests. Gastric and cardiac regions with an H-shaped groove. Front slightly downcurved, surface depressed, anterior margin slightly convex. Outerorbital angle triangular, tip slightly produced forwards. Antero-lateral margin with an oblique granular ridge extending from its middle backwards to the base of the last leg.
Chelipeds of the male stouter than those of the female. Palm smooth, 1.2 times as long as high. The movable finger with a quadrate blunt tooth at the base of its inner border; with 6-7 fine teeth on its distal portion; the immovable finger with fine serrations on the distal half of its inner border. First ambulatory legs smooth; second and third legs covered with pubescence, except the dactylus; merus broad, in the last ambulatory legs with tomentum, each segment of the other legs smooth.
Distal portion of the first pleopod of the male downcurved dorsally; basal half convex, ovate in shape; distal half slender, outer lobe triangular, inner lobe protruded, covered with fine spinules. Abdomen narrowly elongate; the third segment with a crest; second to fifth segments fused, suture between second and third segments distinguishable, sutures from third to fifth segments hardly visible; the sixth segment 1.4 times as broad as long. Telson 1.1 times as broad as long, rounded distally. Abdomen of the female large and rounded. Carapace length of the male 6.4-9.6 mm, breadth 8.7-13.5 mm; of the female, length 6.2 mm, breadth 8.5 mm. (Dai & Yang, 1991)

Type locality: Penang.
Range: Malay Peninsula - Pinang (de Man, 1895a); China - Tsimei, Fujian Province (Shen, 1940b), Hainan Island and Fujian (Dai & Yang, 1991); Taiwan - Chu-Wei, Taipei County (Huang et al., 1992); Singapore; Borneo - Pontianak (de Man, 1895a).

Red silt crab (Paracleistostoma depressum)