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(Herbst, 1790)

Carapace with orbits moderately oblique; front narrow, narrowest between eyestalk bases, frontal groove moderately wide, with sides diverging rapidly posteriorly; antero-lateral margins short but distinct, converging, exorbital tooth little produced, acute; suborbital crenellations strong, distinct, no tubercles on floor of orbit. Palm of major cheliped with oblique ridge low and blunt, without enlarged tubercles; outer face near base of immovable finger with a low triangular depression of variable extent, ending in a longitudinal furrow on immovable finger; dactylus without longitudinal furrows; gape of female chelae without enlarged teeth. Horny terminal endpiece of male first pleopod with anterior flange slightly narrower than posterior; palp of moderate size, subdistal, its tip not nearly reaching base of terminal endpiece. (Türkay 1995)

Type locality: Unknown.
Range: Sinai Peninsula (Doflein, 1899, Holthuis, 1958); Red Sea (Rüppell, 1830, H. Milne Edwards, 1837, 1852, Heller, 1865, Kossmann, 1877, Nobili, 1906, Laurie, 1915, Balss, 1924a), near Bosso, Isole Key, Massawa, and Green Island (Crane, 1975); Gulf of Aden - Aden (Crane, 1975); Somalia - Bender Mtoni (Vannini & Valmori, 1981); Zanzibar (Hilgendorf, 1869, Crane, 1975); Dar es Salaam (Hartnoll, 1975); Madagascar - Nosy Bé (Hoffmann, 1874), Nosy Bé and Tuléar (Crosnier, 1965); Seychelles - Seychelles (Bouvier, 1915b), Mahé (Borradaile, 1907b), Aldabra Island (Crane, 1975); Mauritius (H. Milne Edwards, 1837, Bouvier, 1915b, Michel, 1964, Crane, 1975); Maldives (Rathbun, 1902b); Chagos Archipelago - (Borradaile, 1907b), Diego Garcia (Crane, 1975); India; Andaman Islands (Alcock, 1900b); Nicobar Islands (Heller, 1865); Burma - (Sewell, 1913), Rangoon (Crane, 1975); Japan - Okinawa-jima and Iriomote-jima (Takeda, 1973e), Ishigaki and Iriomote-jima (Sakai, 1976a), Ishigaki-jima and Kohama-jima (Sakai, 1976a), Iriomote-jima (Ho et al., 1993); Taiwan - Nan-Wan, Wanlitung, Houwan and Dulanwan (Ho et al., 1993); Malay Peninsula - Terengganu (Lanchester, 1902); Singapore (Lanchester, 1900); Philippines - (Estampador, 1937, 1959), Davao Gulf (Crane, 1975); Sulu Archipelago - Tawitawi (Crane, 1975); Indonesia - Kepulauan Aru (Miers, 1886), Noordwachter Island (de Man, 1888d), Wahaai, Ceram (Rathbun, 1910b), Sumbawa, Kepulauan Talaud, and Kepulauan Kai (Tesch, 1918a); New Guinea - Japen Island, Numfor, New Hollandia, and Marine Kazerne (Crane, 1975); Australia - Sydney (Hess, 1865, Crane, 1975); Palau (Takeda, 1973e, Takeda & Hayashi, 1973); Yap Island (Sakai, 1976a); Caroline Islands (Crane, 1975); Wake Island (Edmondson, 1925, Crane, 1975); Marshall Islands - (Balss, 1938a, Miyake, 1959), Jaluit (Crane, 1975); Gilbert Islands - (Balss, 1938a, Miyake, 1959), Tarawa (Rathbun, 1907), Apiang (Crane, 1975); Ellice Islands (Whitelegge, 1898); Funafuti (Whitelegge, 1898); New Caledonia - (Crane, 1975), Nepoui (Takeda & Nunomura, 1976); Samoa - (de Man, 1891), Upolu (Dana, 1852), Savaii Island and Apia (Crane, 1975); Tonga Islands - Tongatabu (Dana, 1852, H. Milne Edwards, 1852, Ortmann, 1897b, Rathbun, 1907, Crane, 1975); Hawaiian Islands; Line Islands - Palmyra Island (Edmondson, 1923), Fanning Island and Penrhyn Island (Crane, 1975); Society Islands - Bora-Bora (Guérin-Méneville, 1829, Rathbun, 1907), Tahiti (Miers, 1886, 1891, Ortmann, 1894a), Bora-Bora, Tahiti and Raiatea (Crane, 1975); Tuamotu Archipelago - Rikitea (Nobili, 1907), Raroia (Crane, 1975); Salanga Islands (Ortmann, 1894a).

Uca tetragonon