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(Adams & White, 1848)

Carapace with orbits moderately oblique; front moderately broad, narrowest below eyestalk bases; antero-lateral margins short, exorbital tooth moderately produced, directed antero-laterally. Palm of major cheliped finely granulate in the center of inner face, oblique ridge distinct, its few enlarged tubercles restricted to region near the low apex; outer face with a strong, roughly triangular often pubescent depression at base of immovable finger; small cheliped in both sexes with merus not flattened posteriorly and not armed with a supraventral row of tubercles, gape narrow or moderate, with a few weak serrations. Meri of fourth and fifth pereiopods moderately broad, maximum breadth of fourth merus on minor side clearly less than half the length. Horny terminal endpiece of male first pleopod tubular, long and slender; palp short. (Türkay 1995)

Type locality: Siquijor, Philippines.
Range: Dar es Salaam (Hartnoll, 1975); Madagascar - Nosy Bé, Maintirano and Tuléar (Crosnier, 1965); Mauritius (Bouvier, 1915b); Nicobar (Crane, 1975); Cocos-Keeling Island (Tweedie, 1950b, Crane, 1975); Malaysia - Pinang (Crane, 1975); Japan - Ogasawara-shoto (Sakai, 1939), Izu Ohshima and Kume-jima (Crane, 1975), Ishigaki and Iriomote-jima (Sakai, 1976a), Amami-Oshima, Okinawa-jima, Ishigaki-jima, Iriomote-jima and Ogasawara-shoto (Sakai, 1976a), Ishigaki-jima (Miyake, 1983), Okukubi River, Okinawa (Shokita et al., 1998), Ginowan, Okinawa (Shokita et al., 2000); China - Amoy (Cano, 1889), Hainan Island (Shen, 1936, 1940b), Guangxi and Guangdong (Dai & Yang, 1991); Hong Kong (Stimpson, 1858b, 1907, Gordon, 1931, Shen, 1940, Crane, 1975); Taiwan - Tainan (Sakai, 1939, Lin, 1949); Philippines - Siquijor (Adams & White, 1848), Manila (Cano, 1889), Iloilo (Thallwitz, 1892), Siquijor and Zamboanga (Crane, 1975); Sulu Archipelago - Tawitawi and Tapiantana (Crane, 1975); Indonesia - Moluccas (Kingsley, 1880), Ambon (de Man, 1891), Manado, Ternate and Togien Island (Thallwitz, 1892), Ternate (de Man, 1902a), Gane, Halmahera Island and Ambon (Rathbun, 1910b), west coast of Flores (Tesch, 1918a), Buru and Kepulauan Aru (Crane, 1975); New Guinea - (Rathbun, 1913a), Jayapura, Numfor and Biak (Crane, 1975), Madang, Port Moresby and Bootless Bay (Crane, 1975); Caroline Islands - Kusaie (Rathbun, 1907, Miyake, 1939), Yap (Sendler, 1923), Kusaie, Strong and Ponape (Crane, 1975); Marshall Islands (Crane, 1975); Vanuatu - Port Resolution (Crane, 1975); New Caledonia - (A. Milne Edwards, 1873, de Man, 1891), Nepoui (Takeda & Nunomura, 1976), Balansa and Nouméa (Crane, 1975); Fiji - (Doflein, 1899), Viti Levu (Crane, 1975); Samoa (de Man, 1891, Ortmann, 1894a, Pesta, 1911, Crane, 1975); Tonga - Tongatabu (H. Milne Edwards, 1852, Crane, 1975); Society Islands - Tahiti (Stimpson, 1858b, 1907, Heller, 1865), Bora-Bora (H. Milne Edwards, 1852), Bora-Bora, Raiatea, Tahiti, and Faaa (Crane, 1975); Marquesas Islands (Crane, 1975).

Uca crassipes