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Heller, 1861

Carapace moderately convex as a whole and thickly covered with short setae and conical granules, which are especially prominent on antero-lateral borders and median part; anterior part of gastric region pointed anteriorly, separated antero-laterally from hepatic region by a deep furrow at each side, but anterior end not distinctly delimited from frontal region, posterior median part hemispherical, its breadth being more than one third of carapace breadth, separated from other regions by deep furrows; front moderately concave and armed with spinules; internal orbital angle tipped with a spine and not protruded beyond external orbital angle. Both chelipeds rather slender and homochelous; palm a little longer along its upper border than its height, but shorter than movable finger. Second and third pereiopods with dense longish setae and granules along upper borders; fourth and fifth pereiopods much less armed. (Türkay 1995)

Type locality: Red Sea.
Range: Red Sea (Heller, 1861, Kropp, 1988); South Africa; Réunion; Mauritius; Laccadive Islands; Maldives; Japan - Muroto-zaki, Yoron-jima, Ishigaki-jima, Iriomote-jima and Ogasawara-shoto (Sakai, 1976a), Sagami Bay, Yaeyama-retto and Ogasawara-shoto (Takeda & Tamura, 1980c), Muroto-misaki, Kuroshima, Ishigaki-jima, Okinawa-jima and Ogasawara-shoto (Takeda & Tamura, 1981b), Kushimoto, Wakayama Prefecture (Takeda & Tamura, 1983, Miyake, 1983), Hachijo-jima (Takeda & Tamura, 1985); Vietnam - Nha Trang (Fize & Serène, 1957); Philippines; Guam (Kropp, 1988); Palau (Kropp, 1988); Caroline Islands - Pohnpei (Kropp, 1988); Wake Island (Edmondson, 1925, 1933); Hawaii; Line Islands - Washington Island (Edmondson, 1933, Kropp, 1988), Palmyra Island (Serène, 1962); Cook Islands - Rarotonga Island (Serène, 1962); Tuamotu Archipelago - Makatea (Sendler, 1923); Kermadec Islands (Chilton, 1911).

Cryptochirus coralliodytes