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de Haan, 1835

Carapace subquadrate, slightly broadened anteriorly; the dorsal surface entirely smooth and convex from before backward but less so from side to side. Front truncate, bilobate, the median sinus distinct; a deep V-shaped sinus between the preorbital angle and the frontal lobe. Two closed fissures on the upper orbital margin, and three sinuses on infraorbital margin. The antero-lateral borders are cut into four teeth, of which the two anterior are rounded and the two posterior are obtusely pointed, the last one being smallest. The inner orbital hiatus is narrow and shut up by a lobular projection from the distal external angle of the basal antennal segment, therefore the flagellum of antenna is excluded from the orbit.
Chelipeds of right side is insensibly larger; the wrist has an obtuse tooth at the inner angle and its distal surface is covered with a patch of hairs; the movable finger of larger cheliped has a stout, bifurcated tooth at the base besides the customary teeth of the cutting edge.
In life specimens, there is a red spot of a medium size on either epibranchial region and also on either subhepatic region, but in some specimens, the carapace has no such spot. (T. Sakai, 1939: 562)

Type locality: Japan.
Range: Mediterranean Sea - Alexandria (Balss, 1936), Haifa Bay, Israel (Galil, 1997b), Gulf of Gabes, Tunisia (Enzenross & Enzenross, 2000); India - coast of Madras (Alcock, 1900b); Andaman Islands (Alcock, 1900b); Singapore (Nobili, 1903c); Japan - (de Haan, 1835, Campbell, 1969), Tokyo Bay, Maizuru and Tanagawa (Ortmann, 1894a), Wakanoura, Kii (Rathbun, 1902a), Nanki Shirahama, Gobo, Onomichi and Nagasaki (Sakai, 1939), Sagami Bay (Sakai, 1965b), Sagami Bay, Mikawa Bay, Kii Minabe, Tosa Bay, and Nagasaki (Sakai, 1976a), Amakusa (Yamaguchi et al., 1976), Yamagata Prefecture (Suzuki S., 1979), Tanabe Bay (Miyake, 1983), Kii Minabe, Yoron-jima and Tosa Bay (Muraoka, 1998); Korea - Bangjugpo and Jinhae (Kim, 1970, 1973); China - Hong Kong (Alcock, 1900b), Bo Hai Gulf and Shandong Peninsula (Shen, 1932), Shaotsun, Tsimei, Liuwutien, and Xiamen, Fujian Province (Shen, 1940b), Guangdong, Fujian and Shandong Peninsula (Dai &Yang, 1991); 35-100 m.

Eucrate crenata