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Sakai, 1969

Entire animal covered with long, thin, soft hairs. Carapace sensibly broader than long. Carapace quadrilateral in outline. Surface depressed and regions scarcely delimited. No exorbital tooth; three antero-lateral teeth, the first broadly truncate, being separated from the exorbital angle by a connecting ridge, the second and third pointed with their tips directed forwards. Front protruding forward beyond the level of the pre-orbital angles, median emargination obscure. Chelipeds almost symmetrical, heavy; palm inflated, with its upper inner border obscurely cristate; fingers nearly as long as the propodus, with the black colouration on the distal end; carpus rhomboidal in outline, with a strong tooth at the inner angle and a tiny spine at the external angle. Ambulatory legs long and slender; merus unarmed; P5 distinctly shorter, propodus and dactylus broader than in the preceeding pairs. (Guinot 1998)

Type locality: off Mimase, Tosa Bay, Japan, 150-200 m.
Range: Japan - Osaka Bay (Sakai, 1976a), Tosa Bay (Sakai, 1969, 1976, Guinot, 1989a), Taichi, Wakayama Pref. (Miyake, 1983); 75-200 m.

Carcinoplax tomentosa