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Rathbun, 1914

Carapace moderately broad, with very short antero-lateral borders. Surface smooth to the naked eye but in great part covered with minute granules, and marked with reddish band along median longitudinal line. Behind the exorbital tooth, two antero-lateral teeth, the first low, the second spiniform and forwards curved, these teeth becoming smaller in large adults. Front with a slight median emargination and two latero-external notches. Heterochely and heterodonty not very pronounced; palm with a bluntly round longitudinal crest on the inner surface; fingers without black colouration; inner margin of carpus setose and with a small tooth; merus smooth, with a distal tooth. Ambulatory legs thin and elongate, with fringes of long hairs on last articles; dactylus lanceolate. (Guinot 1998)

Type locality: near Marinduque Island, Philippines, 13°42'50"N, 121°51'30"E, "Albatross" stn 5376, 162 m.
Range: Japan - Tosa Bay and Mikawa (Sakai, 1965c), Omae-zaki, Mikawa Bay and Tosa Bay (Sakai, 1976a); China - East China Sea and South China Sea (Chen, 1984), Guangdong and Guangxi (Dai & Yang, 1991); Philippines - Manila Bay and near Lubang Island (Serène & Vadon, 1981), near Marinduque Island (Rathbun, 1914d, Guinot, 1989a), south of Manila Bay and Verde Island Passage (Guinot, 1989a); Indonesia - Makassar Strait (Guinot, 1989a); 17-180 m.

Carcinoplax purpurea