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Chen, 1984

Carapace narrow, convex. Surface without any trace of areolation, smooth, completely glabrous. No exorbital tooth; three antero-lateral teeth, the first far from the exorbital angle and rectangular, the second small and forming an angle, the last extremely long, spiniform and forwards directed. Front weakly bimarginated, with a slight median concavity and marked latero-external angles. Supraorbital margin smooth. Chelipeds stout; heterochely and heterodonty; palm smooth; fingers long and crossing at the tips; black colouration only on the distal half; carpus with a long curved tooth at the inner angle. Ambulatory legs very long and slender, feebly setose, with long and thin dactyls; P5 similar to preceeding legs. (Guinot 1998)

Type locality: South China Sea, 18°30'N, 113°30'E, 1100 m.
Range: Madagascar - near Nosy Bé (Guinot, 1989a); East China Sea (Chen, 1984); South China Sea (Chen, 1984); Philippines - Verde Island Passage and west of Lubang Island (Serène & Vadon, 1981), Verde Island Passage (Guinot, 1989a); 750-1300 m.

Carcinoplax longispinosa