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Serène & Dat, 1957

Carapace rounded. Frontal margin arched, minutely and evenly dentate, imperceptibly separated from supraorbital angle. Postorbital angle prominent. Lower margin of antennular fossa sinuous. Endopod of first maxilliped spatulate, anterior margin fringed with setae. Anterior margin of cheliped merus cristate, distally dentate, indistinctly crested. First male pleopod straight, distal quarter fringed with short setae.
Colour: Carapace brown. A sharply defined band of jet black backed by a fine light line rim anterior and lateral margins of carapace. Chelipeds and legs uniformly brown, a dark brown spot on propodal articulation. (Galil, 1988b)

Type locality: Queensland, Australia.
Range: Seychelles - Mahé (Castro, 1999a); Aldabra Island (Castro, 1999a); Mozambique - Coconut Bay (Castro, 1999a); Réunion (Serène, 1984, Castro, 1999a); Japan - Ishigaki-jima (Miyake, 1983, Galil, 1988b); Gulf of Thailand - Koh Fao and Koh Kahdat (Galil, 1988b); Malaysia - Perhentian Island (Castro, 1997a); Indonesia - Kaoe Bay, Moluccas Island, Kera near Timor and Obi Latoe Island (Galil, 1988b), Ambon, Kepulauan Riau, Jakarta Bay, Edam Island and Sumba (Castro, 1999b); Solomon Islands - Santa Cruz Island (Castro, 1997a); Australia - Heron Island (Serène, 1984), Yirrkala, Cobourg Peninsula, Port Essington, Trepang Bay, New Year Island, Lizard Island, Heron Island and Darnley Island (Galil, 1988b), Heron Island, High Island, North West Island, Moreton Bay, Swain Reefs, Wistari Reef and Lizard Island (Castro, 1997a); Chesterfield Islands (Castro, 1997a); Bellona Reefs (Castro, 1997a); New Caledonia (Takeda & Nunomura, 1976, Castro, 1997a); Loyalty Islands (Castro, 1997a).

Tetralia nigrolineata