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Galil, 1983

Carapace lenticular, wider than long, smooth and convex. Lateral borders of carapace rounded, flaring gently backwards from orbits and converging about a third back. No evidence of an epibranchial tooth or notch. Frontal margin broad, scarcely emarginate at center, minutely denticulate and undivided from the superior inner orbital angles. Orbits large, rounded, cut out of antero-lateral angles of carapace. Inferior inner orbital tooth small, incurved and obtundent. Postorbital tooth obsolescent. Third maxilliped subrectangular. Exopod almost as long as endpod, with an uneven v-shaped sulcus at its distal end and a minutely granulated, rounded tooth on internal margin. Ischium of endopod with posterior margin transverse, antero-internal angle somewhat produced and inner margin rounded and setose. Merus trapezoid, its outer distal angle produced, rounded, inner angle obliquely truncate and slightly notched. Inner margin bearing setae.
P1 stout, considerably developed and unequal. Meri quadrate, their anterior borders crested and cut into several simple or serrulate teeth. Shape and number of teeth variable, often right and left meri of an individual differ. No tooth at distal margin of merus but for anterior-marginal tooth. Carpus globular, its inner angle produced, forming a single conical tooth. Palm massive. Upper margin of palm rounded, lower margin cristate. Upper proximal region of palm forming a node-like tubercle at its junction with carpus. Entire upper and outer surface smooth, polished and entirely devoid of setae. Fingers short, dactyl curved, fitting closely upon immovable finger; curved points crossing. Fingers of major chela furnished with blunt rounded teeth proximally. Fingers of minor chela provided with sharp cutting edges. P2-5 smooth but for dactylus. Inner surface of dactyl bearing grooved setae in three transverse rows and three pairs of horny setae at distal margin. Upper portion of cactyl bearing several curved spinules distally. Proximal anterior surface of dactyl fringed with a row of plumose setae. Upper portion of dactylar tip bevelled, forming a corrugated surface. Slender long setae scattered on upper surface, most abundant distally. (Galil, 1983: 123)

Type locality: Taiwan.
Range: Taiwan - P'eng-hu, Hsiao-Liu-Chiu, Nan-wan and Lan-Yü (Chang et al., 1987).

Trapezia cheni