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White, 1847

Carapace wider than long, hexagonal; each protogastric region with a conical tubercle, and mesogastric region with a transverse mound; each branchial region with a conical tubercle which is slightly smaller than protogastric tubercles; cardiac region convex as a whole, roughened with granules. Front with a stout high tubercle at each side. Antero-lateral margin strongly divergent, very shallowly concave, raised as a whole, with thick minute granules and two traces of notches; posterior end almost adjacent to epibranchial tooth, leaving a linear slit. Chelipeds about twice as long as carapace; palm widened distally, with two longitudinal, wide and deep furrows each on outer and inner surfaces. (Takeda, 1989)

Type locality: "Eastern Seas (Balambangan)" = Sabah, north coast of Borneo.
Range: Nicobar Islands (Castro et al., 1995); Malacca Strait (Alcock, 1895a); Singapore (Walker, 1887, Castro et al., 1995); Japan - Oshima Passage, Amami-Oshima (Takeda, 1989), Sesoko-jima, Okinawa, and Oshima Passage (Castro et al., 1995); Vietnam - Nha Trang (Serène et al., 1958); Philippines - Mindoro (Roxas, 1930, Yang C.M., 1979), Bohol and Mindoro (Castro et al., 1995), Jolo Islands (Chia & Ng, 1998); north Borneo - Balambangan (White, 1847, Castro et al., 1995), Manukan Island, off Kota Kinabalu (Castro et al., 1995); Indonesia - Kepulauan Aru (Miers, 1886), Ambon (de Man, 1887d, Zehntner, 1894, Chia & Ng, 1998), Postillon Island and Borneo Bank (Flipse, 1930), Banda Islands and Moluccas (Gordon, 1934), Nusalenga, Moluccas (Serène & Romimohtarto, 1963), Balabalangan Islands, Makassar Strait, Bali, Postillon Island, Ambon, Banda Islands and Aru (Castro et al., 1995); Palau (Castro et al., 1995, Chia & Ng, 1998); Papua New Guinea - Motupore Island, Wongad Island and Hansa Bay (Castro et al., 1995); Solomon Islands (Castro et al., 1995); Australia - Murray Island, Torres Strait (McCulloch, 1913), Double Island Point, Queensland (Rathbun, 1918b), Great Australian Bight (Hale, 1927a), off Lookout Point, Queensland (McNeill, 1968), Heron Island, Queensland (Mather & Bennett, 1984), Townsville, Queensland and Roebuck Bay, Western Australia (Stevcic et al., 1988), central Great Barrier Reef (Fabricius & Dale, 1993), Broome, Roebuck Bay, Shark Bay, Cape Jaubert, Central Exmouth Gulf, Northwest Shelf, Port Essington, Cobourg Peninsula, Murray Island, off Lookout Point, Lizard Island, Davies Reef Lagoon, Townsville, Swain Reef and Great Australian Bight (Castro et al., 1995); New Caledonia (A. Milne Edwards, 1872, Castro et al., 1995); Vanuatu (Chia & Ng, 1998); Fiji (Dana, 1852, Balss, 1938a, Castro et al., 1995).

Ceratocarcinus longimanus