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Dai, Yang, Song & Chen, 1986

Carapace transversely oval, about 1.6 times as broad as long. Surface slightly convex; regions ill defined, 3L, 4L each marked with one low elevation. Front broad, somewhat straight and finely serrated on the anterior margin; cut into 2 lobes by a shallow median notch. Antero-lateral margin of the carapace with 5 teeth, including the outerorbital tooth; the third and fourth ones larger, the fifth one the smallest, the fourth one the most prominent, with sharp tip and directed forwards in the young. Merus of the third maxillipeds with outer-distal angle bluntly round and more or less produced.
Chelipeds stout and asymmetrical. Merus triquetrous, covered with granules on the surface, with granular teeth along the anterior margin, whose basal process lobular. Carpus with an obtuse tooth at the inner-distal angle, its distal end curved forwards. Major chela smooth, dorsal surface round and flat, about half as broad as long; the movable finger subequal to the dorsal margin of the palm and with 2 teeth on the inner margin, while the immovable finger with a tooth. Minor chela narrow and long, the movable finger with 2 indistinct teeth on the cutting edge, the immovable finger sinuous. Ambulatory legs with denticles along the anterior margin of the merus; the first 3 pairs with sparse spinules on anterior margin of the carpus; dactylus with spines on posterior margin.
First pleopod of the male stubby, with distal portion curved laterally, tip slender and long and curled dorsally. Male abdomen with third to fifth segments fused; the sixth segment rectangular, broader than long; telson triangular, slightly broader than long. Female abdomen transversely oval, telson somewhat semicircular. Carapace length of the male 6.2 mm, breadth 10.1 mm; of the female, length 6.2 mm, breadth 10.2 mm. (Dai & Yang, 1991)

Type locality: Chenhangdao, Paracel Islands, China.
Range: Taiwan - (Dai & Yang, 1991), Su-ao (Miyake, 1938); China - Paracel Islands (Chen & Lan, 1978, Dai & Yang, 1991).

Chlorodiella crispipleopa