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(Herbst, 1803)

Carapace with scattered hairs in depressions; frontal, gastric and epibranchial ridges present, no ridge behind epibranchials; front with 6 lobes; 5 antero-lateral teeth, fourth by far the smallest, fifth smaller than first 3. Basal antennal joint with a raised crest bearing 3-5 spines, which in cases can be worn down to tubercles. Upper surface of cheliped palm with 2 spines on anterior and 2-3 on posterior borders, respectively; inner face either smooth or with a low but distinct carina or sparsely beset with a line of large rounded granules, some forming a cariniform structure. Posterior border of propodus of swimming leg with 9-13 spines. Male first pleopod elongate, slightly sinuous and tapering, tip not enlarged or expanded; inner surface without terminal bristles; outer surface with about 7 terminal bristles. (Türkay 1995)

Front 6-lobed, lobes closely set, lateral lobes not widely separated from submedians; first antero-lateral tooth entire; fourth antero-lateral tooth small or absent; basal antennal joint with short, sharply raised area bearing two fused spines. Palm of cheliped with inner to lower surface smooth. Ventrodistal border of merus of each leg without a spine. Male first gonopod with distal tip sharply bent, basal lobe with concave lateral border. (Davie 1999)

Type locality: "Ostindien", refer to the east coast of India, but also to the Indo-Malayan Archipelago.
Range: Red Sea (Klunzinger, 1913, Apel & Spiridonov, 1998); Gulf of Aden - Somalia and Obock (Apel & Spiridonov, 1998); Kenya - Mombasa (Apel & Spiridonov, 1998); Zanzibar (Lenz, 1905); Mozambique - Delagoa Bay (Barnard, 1950); South Africa - Durban (Barnard, 1950); Madagascar - Nosy Bé, Nosy Faly, west coast, and Toamasina (Crosnier, 1962); Seychelles - Mahé (Stephenson, 1976), La Digue (Apel & Spiridonov, 1998); Coëtivy Islands (Rathbun, 1911); Mauritius (Bouvier, 1915b, Stephenson, 1972a); Cargados Carajos Island (Rathbun, 1911); south-eastern Persian Gulf (Apel & Spiridonov, 1998); Gulf of Oman; Pakistan; India - Madras coast (Alcock, 1899a), Okha (Chhapgar, 1957), Krusadai (Stephenson, 1972a), Tuticorin (Apel & Spiridonov, 1998); Sri Lanka - Colombo (Apel & Spiridonov, 1998); Maldives - Goifurfehendu Atoll (Borradaile, 1902a); Chagos Archipelago - Egmont Island (Rathbun, 1911); Andaman Islands (Alcock, 1899a); Nicobar Islands (Alcock, 1899a); Burma - Maungmagan near Tavoy (Chopra & Das, 1937); Mergui Archipelago (Alcock, 1899a); West Malay Peninsula - Thailand (Stephenson, 1972a); Japan - (de Haan, 1835), Okinawa (Stimpson, 1907); China - Paracel Islands (Yang et al., 1979, Dai & Yang, 1991); Thailand; Malaysia; Singapore (Dana, 1852); Philippines - Zamboanga, Dinagat, Mindanao and Palawan (Stephenson, 1972a), Karaton, S.E. of Mindanao (Stephenson, 1975); Palau (Stephenson & Rees, 1967); Indonesia - Ternate (Miers, 1886), Edam Island and Ambon (de Man, 1888d), Sorong, Irian Jaya (Rathbun, 1910b), Mamuju, Paleleh, Tidore, Ternate, Misool Group, Kepulauan Tanimbar, Timor, Kera, Spermonde Archipelago near Makassar, Obi, Morotai, Kepulauan Talaud, Tukangbesi and Ambon (Stephenson, 1975), Bali (Apel & Spiridonov, 1998); Australia - Abrolhos, W.A., Shell Island, Port Darwin, N.T., Torres Strait to Heron Island, Queensland, Shell Harbour, N.S.W.; Lord Howe Islands; Tuamotu Archipelago - Anaa Atoll (Stephenson, 1976); intertidal to 20 m.

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