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Crosnier, 1962

Carapace smooth and glabrous; only 2 ridges both made of granules, protogastrics very short, epibranchials confined to the branchial part, not nearly approaching center; front with 6 lobes; 4 antero-lateral teeth first stoutest, fourth smallest. Basal antennal joint with a ridge made of 5-6 rounded granules. Upper surface of cheliped palm with median 1 spine and 1 distal tubercle on anterior and posterior borders, respectively; inner face smooth. Posterior border of propodus of swimming leg with 6 spinules. Male first pleopod short, stout, slightly sinuous, and with flared tip; inner surface smooth, outer surface with numerous distal bristles. (Türkay 1995)

Front 6-lobed, lateral and submedian frontal lobes distinguishable; 4 antero-lateral teeth; first antero-lateral tooth entire; third antero-lateral tooth of normal size; fourth antero-lateral tooth small or absent; basal antennal joint with granules, serrations or low teeth; no carapace ridges present posterior to epibranchial ridges. (Davie 1999)

Type locality: Iles Mitsio, Madagascar, 30 m.
Range: Comoros - Ile Mohéli (Crosnier & Thomassin, 1974); Madagascar - Iles Mitsio (Crosnier, 1962); Japan - Sagami Bay (Sakai, 1976a); Sulu Archipelago - Tawitawi (Stephenson, 1975); Indonesia - Java Sea (Stephenson, 1972a), Kupang, Timor and Wamsoi Island, Irian Jaya (Stephenson, 1975); Tubuai Islands - Rurutu (Poupin, 1996a); 24-85 m.

Thalamita mitsiensis