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Nobili, 1906

Carapace sparsely covered with long hairs; 2 frontal ridges, one pair of protogastric ridges, mesogastric unusually long and medially uninterrupted, epibranchial ridge uninterrupted throughout, median cardiac uninterrupted and extending to mesobranchial regions; front with 4 lobes of which the medians are much broader than the laterals; 4 antero-lateral teeth, a rudimentary denticle is usually present between third and fourth but may also be absent. Basal antennal joint with an acute ridge whose edge is formed of about 15 fused rounded granules. Upper surface of cheliped palm with 2 spines on anterior and 2 spines on posterior border; inner face longitudinal carina composed of a slightly irregular granular row. Posterior border of propodus of swimming leg with 5-6 spines. Male first pleopod short, slightly curved, tip blunt, club-shaped, and slightly swollen; inner surface with about 20 stout bristles; outer surface with about 25 terminal bristles. (Türkay 1995)

Front 4-lobed; median frontal lobes much broader than laterals; basal antennal joint with ridge of rounded granules; 4 or 5 antero-lateral teeth; third antero-lateral tooth same size as second, fourth antero-lateral tooth smaller than fifth; carapace with epibranchial ridge not interrupted at cervical grooves, without additional small, transverse ridges; outer surface of hand of cheliped bearing granular carinae; tip of male pleopod with widened subterminally, ending roundly, with terminal bristles the smallest. (Davie 1999)

Type locality: Red Sea.
Range: Red Sea - Djibouti (Nobili, 1906); Kenya - Mombasa (Stephenson, 1975); Madagascar - Nosy Bé (Crosnier, 1962); Mauritius (Stephenson, 1972a); Sumatra - Aceh; Japan - Yoron-jima (Sakai, 1976a), Kakeroma-jima near Amami-Oshima (Takeda, 1989); Taiwan - Ping-tung Province (Huang & Yu, 1997); China - Paracel Islands (Dai & Yang, 1991); Philippines - Dinagat (Stephenson, 1972a); Australia - Murray Island (Stephenson & Hudson, 1957), Maud Landing, W.A. (Stephenson, 1961), Lady Musgrave Island, Queensland; New Caledonia - Poum (Takeda & Nunomura, 1976); intertidal.

Thalamita demani