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Semper, 1880

Carapace subcircular, length about 0.9 times breadth, covered with a fine dense pile; hardly elevated granular patches on frontal, protogastric, mesogastric, metagastric, cardiac, and mesobranchial regions; front protruding with 4 teeth, all very elongate and acute, the medians more protruding than the laterals; antero-lateral teeth with 6 teeth, first largest. Chelipeds very elongate, more than 3 times as long as carapace; merus with 6-7 spines on anterior border, 2 on posterior; carpus with 2 spines; palm with 3 spines. Swimming legs with posterior border of merus armed with one subdistal spine, posterior border of propodus smooth. (Türkay 1995)

Dorsal surface of carapace with ridges; 2 pairs of frontal teeth protruding well forward; 6 to 8 spines on anterior border of arm of cheliped; 6 main antero-lateral teeth. (Davie 1999)

Type locality: Panay and Pandanan, Philippines.
Range: Madagascar - banc de Pracel (Crosnier, 1962); Seychelles; Pakistan - Karachi (Leene & Buitendijk, 1952); Laccadive Islands; India - Madras and Konkan coast (Alcock, 1899a), Bay of Bengal (Stephenson, 1972a); Andaman Sea (Alcock, 1899a); West Malay Peninsula - Thailand (Stephenson, 1972a); Japan - Manazuru (Sakai, 1935), Manazuru and Tosa Bay (Sakai, 1939), Manazuru, Kii Minabe, and Tosa Bay (Sakai, 1976a); Taiwan - Tingch'ieting (Lin, 1949), P'eng-hu and Tung-chiang (Huang & Yu, 1997); China - Guangxi and Hainan Island (Dai & Yang, 1991); South China Sea - Nansha Islands (Dai & Xu, 1991); Thailand; Philippines - Panay and Pandanan (Semper, 1880), south of Manila Bay, north of Lubang Island and Verde Island Passage (Moosa, 1981); Indonesia - Madura Strait, Tanahjampea, and Saleh Bay (Leene, 1938), Java Sea, Sunda Strait and Madura Strait (Stephenson, 1972a); Australia - off south Queensland (Stephenson & Cook, 1970); New Caledonia (Moosa, 1996); Vanuatu (Moosa, 1996); Wallis and Futuna Islands (Moosa, 1996); 35-227 m.

Lupocyclus philippinensis