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Estampador, 1949

Carpus of chelipeds without two obvious spines on distal half of outer margin; palm of cheliped with a pair of distinct spines on dorsal margin behind insertion of the dactyl, followed by ridges running posteriorly. Frontal lobe spines high (mean height c. 0.06 times frontal width measured between medial orbital sutures), typically triangular with straight margins and angular interspaces. Chelipeds and legs with weak polygonal patterning for both sexes. (Davie 1999)

Type locality: Timbulsloko, Central Java, Indonesia.
Range: Japan; Southern Taiwan - Kaohsiung (Keenan et al., 1998); China - Xiamen; Hong Kong (Keenan et al., 1998); Vietnam - Nha Trang (Serène, 1952), Lower Mekong Delta (Keenan et al., 1998); Cambodia - Trat; Thailand (Keenan et al., 1998); Singapore; Indonesia - Timbulsloko and Semarang, Central Java (Keenan et al., 1998), Banjarmasin, south Kalimantan.

Scylla paramamosain