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Sakai, 1969

Carapace including large lateral teeth about 1.6 times as broad as long, dorsal surface slightly areolated, with a few obscure scattered tubercles near the anterior and lateral surfaces; front tridentate, middle tooth smaller than laterals and on a lower level; antero-lateral borders well arched and divided into 9 teeth, all teeth well cut and separated from each other, their tips acuminate, and the last one largest of all and projecting sideways; postero-lateral border with a small tooth just behind the last antero-lateral one, followed by a series of tiny teeth. Chelipeds symmetrical, merus short and scarcely visible from above; carpus and palm rather thickly and uniformly spinulated on upper and outer faces. Anterior margins of meri of ambulatory legs obscurely spinulated. (Türkay 1995)

Type locality: Shimogusui, Nada, Kii Province, Japan, 30 m.
Range: Japan - Nada, Kii Province (Sakai, 1969, 1976), off Hayama (Sakai, 1983); Taiwan - Tachi and Nanfangau, I-Lan County (Ng & Huang, 1997).

Cancer nadaensis