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Rathbun, 1898

Carapace about 1.3 times as broad as long, smooth, bare, strongly areolated, the highest elevations occupying the protogastric and mid-branchial regions, surface composed of close-set granules; frontal teeth subtriangular, blunt or subtruncate, the middle one narrower and more produced than the laterals; antero-lateral margin with 9 flat, broadly triangular, not strongly produced, subequal teeth with granulate margins, last 2 or 3 teeth acute or sharp-pointed; postero-lateral margin with a blunt tooth formed by a distinct emargination and followed by 1 and sometimes 2 less distinct ones. Merus of cheliped armed above with 2 small, sharp spines, distal and subdistal; carpus with a triangular spine at inner angle; palm with 5 carinae on external face and 2 furnished with 2 or 3 tubercles each on upper border. Ambulatory legs hairy, tips of dactyli bent downward. (Türkay 1995)

Type locality: Four localities in Korea and Japan, by Miers, 1879b.
Range: Japan - Tokyo Bay (Ortmann, 1893, Parisi, 1916), Mutsu Bay (Yokoya, 1928), Shimoda (Sakai, 1935), Iwate Prefecture and Suruga Bay (Sakai, 1939), Sagami Bay (Sakai, 1965b), Iwate Prefecture, Sagami Bay, Manazuru, Wagu, Kii Nagashima, Kii Minabe, and Tosa Bay (Sakai, 1976a), Amakusa (Yamaguchi et al., 1976), Mage-jima, Kagoshima Prefecture (Takeda, 1977b), Oshoro, Takashima, Shakotan, Kikonai, Usujiri, Usu and Ohmu, Hokkaido (Komai et al., 1992), Soya Strait (Takeda & Miyauchi, 1992); Korea - Cheongjin, Gyeongseong, Sinpo, Giam, Samho Bay, Gojeo, and Ulsan (Kamita, 1941), Dodong, Socheong Island, Songjeong Ri, and Pusan (Kim, 1973); China - Shandong Peninsula and Bo Hai (Shen, 1932); California; Mexico; littoral to 65 m.

Cancer amphioetus