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Edmondson, 1951

Carapace transversely oval. Hepatic and lateral areas depressed; gastric regions elevated; cardiac region elevated by a curved ridge. Dorsal surface minutely punctate and bearing a few scattered tubercles. Front short, broad, bluntly pointed, slightly deflexed, deeply concave above. Lateral border of the carapace thin, slightly turned up, with seven lobes, the closed suture lines being distinct; lobes bearing a tooth at the level of the suture line, and a more prominent one near the middle. Chelipeds equal, with upper and lower borders carinate; palm expanded distally; upper border short, with a few irregular teeth, lower border entire, smooth; outer surface with a longitudinal, inflated ridge; fingers very short, thin; inner surface of palm and fingers concave. Ambulatory legs entirely concealed, carinate above and below; merus bicarinate below. Abdomen (telson excepted) pitted and eroded, and crossed by ridges. (Guinot 1998)

Type locality: south-west coast of Oahu, Hawaii.
Range: Japan - Ogasawara-shoto (Ng & Takeda, 1998, Ng, 1999); Mariana Islands - Pagan and Guam (Ng & Takeda, 1998); Hawaiian Islands - Oahu (Edmondson, 1951, Ng & Takeda, 1998, Ng, 1999); Marquesas Islands - Taiohae Bay (Ng, 1999).

Aethra edentata