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(Herbst, 1790)

Carapace broad, oval, strongly convex in both directions; regions well delimited and subdivided into a mosaic of numerous rounded convex lobules, with their surface pitted, corresponding to fused mushroom-like ornaments. Antero-lateral borders 11-12-crenulated. Chelipeds unequal; fingers short and thick, spoon-shaped; carpus lobulated like carapace; hand and dactylus covered with coarse sharp tubercles, becoming spiniform on the upper edge. P2-P5 merus with stout sharp spines. (Guinot 1998)

Type locality: unknown.
Range: Red Sea; east coast of Africa; Coëtivy Islands (Rathbun, 1911); Mauritius (Alcock, 1898, Bouvier, 1915b, Michel, 1964); Chagos Archipelago - Salomon (Rathbun, 1911); Laccadive Islands (Alcock, 1898); Japan - Amami-Oshima (Ortmann, 1893), Okinawa (Stimpson, 1907), Okinawa-jima, Northern Daito-jima and Ogasawara-shoto (Sakai, 1939), Hachijo-jima (Sakai, 1954), Kagoshima Bay, Amami-shoto, Okinawa, northern Daito-jima and Ogasawara-shoto (Sakai, 1976a), Ishigaki-jima (Miyake, 1983), Hachijo-jima, Kii Minabe, Okinoerabu-jima, and Yoron-jima (Muraoka, 1998), Ginowan, Okinawa (Shokita et al., 2000); Taiwan (Sakai, 1939, Lin, 1949); China - Paracel Island (Chen & Lan, 1978), Hainan Island and Paracel Islands (Dai & Yang, 1991); Palau (Takeda, 1973d); Samoa (Dana, 1852, Alcock, 1898); Hawaiian Islands - Oahu (Rathbun, 1906); Line Islands - Palmyra and Tabuaeran (Edmondson, 1923); Tuamotu Archipelago - Makatea (Sendler, 1923).

Daira perlata