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Oken, 1815

A. (A.) caroliniana (3)

Type species: Acropora (Acropora) muricata (Linnaeus, 1758)

Total number of species estimated: 100

Characteristics: Corals zooxanthellate, branched on an encrusting base. Branches with single axial polyp and many radial polyps, which are generally tube-shaped. The coenosteum is light reticulate, spinose, or costate, or pseudocostate (modified from Wallace, 1999). Colour predominantly brown or cream due to zooxanthellae; otherwise, additional pigmentation of the corals may cause a blue, violet, grey or bright yellow appearance without a hint of zooxanthellae.

Ecology: Common on reef flats and slopes.

Range: widespread from west Indian Ocean to east Pacific and western Atlantic

Additional remarks: This is the largest (sub)genus of the reef-dwelling corals worldwide.

Key references: Veron and Wallace, 1984; Wallace, 1994, 1997, 1999; Wallace and Dai, 1997; Wallace and Wolstenholme 1998.

Subgenus Acropora