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Quelch, 1884

Sandalolitha dentata (20)

Type species: Sandalolitha dentata Quelch, 1884.

Total number of species estimated: 2

Characteristics: Corals zooxanthellate, free-living, oval, polystomatous by additional smaller mouths around the initial one at the centre. Maximum diameter 45 cm. Septal teeth lobate or elongate, covered by unevenly distributed granulations. Corallum wall perforate; detachment scar usually present, distinct or not. Costae show granulated costal spines (Hoeksema, 1989). Colour cream, light or dark brown.

Ecology: Most common on reef slopes and upper part of reef flats.

Range: Central Indian Ocean to Central Pacific.

Additional remarks: Resembles Zoopilus, but is more heavily built and has smaller septal and costal ornamentations. More oval than Halomitra.

Key references: Hoeksema, 1989.

Genus Sandalolitha