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Matthai, 1914

Diploastrea heliopora (4)

Type species: Diploastrea heliopora (Lamarck, 1816)

Total number of species estimated: 1

Characteristics: .Forming large plocoid colonies by extratentacular budding. Corallites with synapticulothecal and septothecal walls. Septa thick peripherally, thin internally, composed of compound trabeculae, especially in Neogene and recent species; dentations coarse. Paliform lobes much reduced, usally absent. Columella well developed. polyps green to dark brown. Directive mesenteries present. All mesenteries filamentiferous, often continuous between adjacent polyps. Edge-zone narrow; no coenosarc. Tentacles well developed, ento- and ectocoelic, with two types of nematocysts (I and IIb) in batteries. Stomodaeum with directive grooves, ridged.

Ecology: On as well protected as exposed reefs.

Range: Indo-Pacific.

Genus Diploastrea