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Gregory, 1900

Genera: Seventeen genera are found in the shallow waters of the Indo-West Pacific:
Genus Australogyra Australogyra zelli (1),
Genus Barabattoia Barabattoia amicorum (1),
Genus Caulastrea Caulastrea furcata (1),
Genus Cyphastrea Cyphastrea chalcidicum (1),
Genus Diploastrea Diploastrea heliopora (1),
Genus Echinopora Echinopora gemmacea (1),
Genus Favia Favia favus (1),
Genus Favites Favites abdita (1),
Genus Goniastrea [l][][f]goniastrea aspera (1)[/f][t] Goniastrea aspera (1) [/t],
Genus Leptastrea Leptastrea purpurea (1),
Genus Leptoria Leptoria phrygia (1),
Genus Montastrea Montastrea annuligera (1),
Genus Moseleya Moseleya latistella (1),
Genus Oulastrea Oulastrea crispata (1),
Genus Oulophyllia Oulophyllia crispa (1),
Genus Platygyra Platygyra lamellina (1) ,
Genus Plesiastrea Plesiastrea versipora (1).

Description: Colonies cup-shaped (Barabattoia, Caulastrea), massive or foliaceous.

Family Faviidae